Angels Waakye Rice

Enjoy the delicious and unique flavors of our famous and healthy Angels Waakye Rice.

Skip the wait for takeout and treat you or your family to a bowl of tender Angels Waakye Rice in seconds.

Add a handful of veggies for a personal touch or toss some egg into the mix for an authentic dish that works as a side or a stand-alone meal.

Using a microwave this meal takes just 90 seconds to be ready!

The microwaveable pouch eliminates prep and cleanup to zero!

Order a big pack of 10 and get your special offer of 20%!



Angels Waakye Rice

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Our ANGELS WAAKYE RICE is delicious, famous, and loved by many, but most of all, it is healthy.

The health benefits of our Angels Waakye Rice, should give you more reason to enjoy this meal:

  1. Provides Energy
  2. Easy to digest
  3. Strengthens the immune system
  4. Rich in manganese
  5. Contains niacin and selenium
  6. No artificial flavors
  7. No colors from artificial sources
  8. Cholesterol free food
  9. Excellent source of folate
Order just a big pack of 10 and get your special offer of 20%
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